EcoClear ProBio OdorOut Professional, 16oz


  • $14.99

ProBio® OdorOut® Professional Strength Odor Remover™ is a safe and effective RTU (ready-to-use) spray that instantly and permanently neutralizes all nitrogen-based odors like urine or feces.

It uses a patented, proprietary process known as “Spontaneous Oxidation-Reduction” to destroy odor molecules on contact. Perfect for use in commercial, residential, and healthcare environments.

ProBio OdorOut Professional Strength is formulated with no bacteria or enzymes, meaning it's both biodegradable and safe for use around people. Fabric- and mattress-safe, it can also be used on hard surfaces, flooring, and carpet.

For tough odors, choose ProBio OdorOut Professional Strength Odor Remover.

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