Eureka & Sanitaire 53270 12" Steel Brushroll with Hex Ends

Eureka & Sanitaire 53270 12" Steel Brushroll with Hex Ends


  • $12.29

Replacement brush roll & disturbulator assembly for Electrolux, Eureka & Sanitaire vacuum cleaners. 12-inches steel chrome with replaceable bristles, creating optimum performance. Measures 12-inches length by 2-inches width by 2-inches height.

Eureka Sanitaire Euroclean Kent Brush Roll 12" Vibra Groomer II Ball Bearing designed to fit the following Eureka Sanitaire by Electrolux vacuum cleaner models, C2031B C2031D, C2031E, C2032A, C2032B, C2094B, C2094D, C2094E, C2094F, C2094FB, C2094G, C2094G-1, C2094G-2, C2094G-3, C2094GW, C2094H, C2094H-1, C2095A, C2194A, C2194B , S645A, S647A , S647B, S647B-1, S647D, S647E, S647E-1, S661B, S661D, S661E, S670A, S670A-1, S670A-2, S670B, S670D, S670D-, SC675A, SC684E, SC684F, SC684F-1, SC684F-2, SC684F-3, SC685G, SC688A, SC688A-1, SC695A, SC695A-1, SC695B, SC881A, SC881A-1, SC882A, SC882A-1, SC883A , SC883A-1 , SC886D, SC886E, SC886E-1, SC886E-2, SC886E-3, SC887A, SC887B, SC887B-1, SC887B, SC887B-3, SC888H, SC888H-1, SC889A

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