Cen-Tec Two-Piece Aluminum Wand for Backpack Vacuums 56" with S-Curve, replaces ProTeam 29BP52, 101338, Royal 2KE2225

Cen-Tec Systems

  • $24.50

Two-Piece Aluminum Wand for Backpack Vacuums 56" with S-Curve

  • 56" long by 1.5" diameter
  • Aluminum
  • Button lock
  • 2-Piece 2-bend wand, S-Curve
  • Lower wand includes screw cuff
  • Provides longer reach
  • Designed to fit most all Commercial Backpack vacuum cleaners which use a 1.5 inch diameter hose, including most ProTeam, Perfect, Sanitaire, Powr-Flite, Sandia, Windsor, Hoover, Royal, CarpetPro, and other commercial vacuum brands

Part Numbers this item replaces:

  • 29BP52
  • 101338
  • CM8463B 22A
  • 2KE2225, 2KE2225000
  • 60528

Having fitment issues? 

  • Ensure the end that fits onto the attachment is tightened thoroughly (refer to wand end image)
  • When tightening, the ends of the metal ring will be pushed closer together and should be almost touching or close to it when tightened enough to keep the attachment in place
  • To ensure the attachment stays securely in place, finish tightening after attaching the wand to the attachment
  • Do not tighten too much before attaching the attachment, because the wand end will be too small to fit onto the attachment

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