Reasons Why a Vacuum Can Become Overly Loud

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Reasons Why a Vacuum Can Become Overly Loud

There can be any number of reasons why your vacuum is making that distinctive loud whine. Most of us automatically assume things are caught in the vacuum. However, did you know there can be several other reasons? Read to learn about why a vacuum can become overly loud below.

Dirty Filter

The filter may become dirty, and because of that, the vacuum works harder to create suction. This excessive movement causes more noise than what’s normal. To fix the problem, remove the filter, rub off the dust and any debris you find, and rinse it with warm water. Let the filter sit for a bit, and when they dry, replace them in the vacuum. Some vacuums have more than one filter, so you’ll want to go through this process for all of them. If the noise persists, the problem could be a clog in your vacuum.

A Clog

This is one of the most common reasons a vacuum can become loud. Clogs could be any large object that’s gotten stuck in your vacuum. This can cause a high-pitched whine everyone can recognize but no one wants to hear. Anything could be lodged in your vacuum, from a small penny to a toy. If this is the case, much like the dirty filter, it could make your vacuum work harder to expel it. The clog can be anywhere, from the motor to your vacuum tubes. If you can remove it by hand, do so. If it’s hard to get out by hand, use a needle or a small skinny stick. Otherwise, it might be wise to take it to the repair shop where they can easily disassemble and reassemble your vacuum.

Broken Fan

A broken fan in your motor could also cause the vacuum to run louder than it usually does. Dirt can run through the motor, collect on the fan, and break it. If the fan in your motor is broken, go to the repair shop for a replacement. At worse, you can pick up one of many vacuum motors for sale and replace it altogether.

In short, there could be any number of things wrong with your vacuum to cause it to make loud noises. It’s only a matter of figuring out the problem and acting accordingly. Luckily, we pride ourselves on our parts and repairs at Quality MRO! Call Quality MRO now for more information!

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